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Who is Wills :                            History

Artist name : WILL’S

Age : 27 year in 2004

Astro : Lion

City of Resident : I.D.F

Music Favourite : All except the shit !!!      

Télé/Ciné : Same

Inspiration Dedicating : Suprême NTM, IAM, Mc Solaar, Assassin, Le doc. , Busta, Nuttea, …

Profession : Cook of trade, Today, employee for the group Carrefour

Extra-profession : Author / Composer / Performer

Objectives : to raise truth, to rouse the consciences in the good direction "the same freedom of living the world everywhere"

Hobby :  All except the  Mal

Phobias :The idiots, the Forgeries, Hypocrisy, the persons in charge who controls us, one is not dogs!!! and once again, we all are equal!!! I stop there!

Défaut : The frankness, Realistic, Thinks of too! to be to enter in the matrix of truth.

Discography: L’ACTE /  single « Entre Dans Ma Soirée »

Radiodiffusion: 2001/03/21

Current Project: OPÉRATION B.A.O : Télécharger-les



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His story :

93390 Clichy S/S Bois, its here,what all have started, fight, delinquency, and i forget, well any things, who can in being proud ? Nobody, but that leave indelible traces!


Childrens of all city, our future is between our own hands, first choice to become gangster and maybe finish in prison, second choice by all the good means, to succeed . To deplore fate, is not other than a death has small fire!

Wake Up ! The world isn't so bad ,when one looks at the things in face, in their place, and that one advances, toward and against all, by circumventing the hypocrites, I pass ... ! Far from my objective I am !!! with these many barriers, but, no problem early or late, I would arrive there, here is my only will since small. In short! That does not interest you, but...


At 13 years, following, serious silly things, one had sent to me in a hearth has Thiais, in order to me calm, that had not walked, then of the day at the following day one has me "as I would always say" to dismiss, because my teachers wanted that my brother and me us, we doesn't see, Lol nothing, not prevented even the 470 km which separated us, (same) for the Wood Of the "Crowned" Temple; I pass...; Limoges beautiful city has connery, spirit of the south, and in the hearth beating up, payment of account which did not exist, blow of fist in the figure for one yes or one not, where of stage of victim one passes has the act, and, of wire in needle, certain finish in prison! Sad fate, no? In short, before it is not too late I was caught in hand, with the objective to become one day or other, a singer, and say me that it was not all it was necessary to pass to the action and summons us only in 1993 and I had 15 years training then, blah... The silly things that, it is stronger than is, one is always to try and nothing prevents from keeping the head on the shoulders, the whole it should be known how to make not to be made take it is all and days one ceases. I will be able to say of them things that it is you but remain the mystere "WILL'S"; and then that will take too much place


1995, too much influence! too much pressure! enough of all! and on does a blow of head one release all, why? That I do not know! Certainly the "law of the fate" I had all for succeed over there in Limoges, and not only in music, but I have all to sacrifice sometimes I regret, and of the times, No!


I'm right back, in Paris area or almost, in the Seine and Marne, first job in life activates without éduc. Behind the back, to confront with myself to support my brother YANKEE, Claude says the godfather, so, has who I owe ALEXIA enormously, and much of other people, for a this dedicated page are all these people who, one and will be always there: Thanks, Dedications. Still thank you, and all goes quickly Métro, Work, Micro, Sleep, party, hassle, joy and unfortunately disappointment, in spite of, the eyes large opened, oneself eats a slap in the Face, in particular on behalf of these people whom one says and believe friendly "you speak!!!", of the wind, ouais rubbish, that does not exist! Brief, I stop because the hatred goes up in me.


In this world it is and it will be always eye for eye...


2000, passed to me the expression but shit!!!, I did not see time spent, ha, if at the school one had said to me over there in Clichy S/S Bois, I could little be more here, so much misery, of catastrophe, and difference for nothing, IF, the power and the money and much of detail...


Does technology advance, but it y always the poor, rich person, and heaps of people which benefit from all that, that, and me in all that or I am? I wrote more than 70 texts, 120 instrumental musics, interprets, and since few years I have run after the houses of discs, my entourage, encourage me but them, not! They one at least to listen? To tell the truth, I it do not believe, so much of failure and if little assistance I will arrive there?

Relax, I am a fighter, Today , i'm ready for all to sacrifice, once again, to achieve this goal! And i am almost at the top, even if the money, is not there!


A thing is sure, I will not lower the arms, and yes, the evolution because, if, i retrogresses, I not have nothing, not a money, and, i have working, very very hard, after the pen, then the book, the hi-fi system, the microphone, the table of mixing, Mc-303 Groovebox ROLAND (good product for progress!), the PC, CAKEWALK, SOUNDforge... and my mind, my will...


And then, I knew nothing there, sang like a pan, dont know really write a text, neither mixed, nor to record oneself, nothing, nothing, nothing!


Today I control all, the result: Its, mixes, image, my site, and..., is to entirely control by me, even if, I am nothing here or there, that the houses of discs do not want ego, that I succeeded or not, I am proud, because, rather than to be a dishonest person, I cling in what of other does not cling: Passion, and will. So many, worse the glance people, on me, much judges without knowing but early or late, paid, because a thing is sure for me at 24 years I believe that the wheel will end up turning and...

thanks a lot, for having had the patient, of all reading.

WILL’S  2004/06/12

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