Since 2000

We chose quality with the quantity!

just do us trust...
























































Lamaindumic Prod, was born from ideas of three guy of outskirts of PARIS (93) in the years 1990 with an aim of producing HIPHOP 100% UNDERGROUNDS and of organizing the "RAVE PARTY just like" today; "RAPARTY"

... but quickly to drop by the hazard from the life... 

This take back name a few years later (1997), share its founder WILLS. will be to bequeath to us with its objectives which is not other than the definition of name...(Thehandofmic Prod in english)

(1997-2004) 7 years of installation of a concept concrete!!!

Waiting, year "Y", 

To sell, make money is not our objective! 

Our goal to make noise in the field, to give the artist ignored, the right be heard, some is their defect, for the things which it have to say,

We boycott all the réal TV which does not reveal, the to hidden artist but, the artist prefabricated worst it is, than even if they have talent, on the FM us are balanced remakes,

lthe houses of disc, kill each years, of the artists, who one all to stake on the music!

Not hesitate, make speak about us, with the person in this situation, your neighbor, your friends... maybe you???

Which conditions particular? 

We do not want the copy of...

We want subjects lucid.

We want the truth!

We do not want an incentive with violence, even less without reasons.

We like the complex texts which make réfléchire whole days, and which call us in question, but that is not always obvious is not criteria, just we indicate it to you! 

it's all !!!

Which styles:

- Rap

- Hip hop

- Reagge

- Groove

- RnB

- Etc...

Who ?




Author & Composer & Performer

Why ?

You to guide, so, to go up if such is your wishes.

To diffuse, you to make known (not like a star!)

You to record...

To manufacture your Cd (by subcontracting)



... To send to us your demo... 

And for any contact, information, 

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Promises itself, of always up... to bring of new idea... to develop so that all the artists the some either style of music is its place, and or heard... currently we work on a site, for the Autoproduction in a new form who I hope will be to satisfy each one, in its project!!




Author Composer Performer A & ou, C & ou, P  auto prod.
Lyrics x x
Composition x x
Performers x x
Recording x x x x
Your Cd's x x
Your Right x x x x
Promo x x x
Help x x x x x



"Car l’on ne juge pas le détenteur d’un micro, à ce qu’il dit mais plutôt a ce qu’il fait, l’importance se trouve dans la tête, et dans le cœur alors, tenez, prenez LAMAINDUMIC comme porte-bonheur." 

"Because one does not judge the holder of a microphone, so that he says but rather has what he does, the importance is in the head, and in the heart then, hold, take LAMAINDUMIC like amulet"